Homestuck Headcanons

hokay i’ve been super busy with otakon coming up, i’ll be cracking down on this once i get back

so get in those headcanons while i’m gone

and i might see some of you there ;*

When I send headcannons in do you want me to send one in at a time or can I send them all in in one submission?

one at a time so i can keep track please c:

- mod m

ps as soon as i get a few more in the inbox i’ll start making & queueing them up, there’s not enough for a decent queue yet

Do you guys just not have submissions or are you inactive

we don’t have enough submissions to start queueing them.  :T

-mod m



Submitted by:

thats creepy as balls omg

okay let’s try this once more!

i’m mod m (mandy) and i’ll be taking care of this blog for a while! submissions and asks are open with a few tweaks!

  • if you are unable to submit a headcanon on an image, i will put it on an image for you; just submit the text.
  • it’s not required to upload it to imgur, you can submit it as an image or a link or whatever you want and i’ll have it up and/or queued asap. but you can upload it to imgur if you want!
  • i will tag the post for you it ok frend
  • if you find one of the old posts floating around please submit the link so i can reblog it back 2 it’s home
  • my main tumblr is 6angarang if you have questions!

i think that’s it! so get those submissions in!

thanks everyone!

-mod m